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Novell® Linux Desktop 9: User's Handbook
By Joe Habraken
Publisher: Novell Press
Pub Date: October 21, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32729-5
Pages: 456

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   About the Author
      We Want to Hear from You!
      Reader Services
    Part I:  Novell Linux Desktop Basics
        Chapter 1.  Start Here
      What Is Novell Linux Desktop?
      Linux and Linux Distributions
      Understanding GNU Software
      The Novell Linux Desktop GUI
      Novell Linux Desktop Applications and Tools
      Novell Linux Desktop Installation Considerations
        Chapter 2.  Starting Novell Linux Desktop
      Section 1.  About Booting the NLD System and Logon Options
      Section 2.  Log On to the System
      Section 3.  About Logoff Options
      Section 4.  Log Off the System from the Desktop
      Section 5.  Shut Down the System from the Logon Manager
        Chapter 3.  Working on the NLD Desktop
      Section 6.  About the GNOME Desktop
      Section 7.  Navigate the GNOME Desktop
      Section 8.  Use the Menu System
      Section 9.  Manage Virtual Desktops
      Section 10.  Change the System Date and Time Settings
      Section 11.  Get Help on the GNOME Desktop
      Section 12.  Run a Program from the Run Application Dialog
      Section 13.  Access the Command Line
      Section 14.  About File Commands
      Section 15.  Use File Commands
      Section 16.  About System Commands
      Section 17.  Use System Commands
        Chapter 4.  Modifying the NLD Desktop
      Section 18.  About Modifying GNOME
      Section 19.  Create Desktop Icons
      Section 20.  Add an Item to a Panel
      Section 21.  Add an Item to a Menu
      Section 22.  About GNOME Personal Settings
      Section 23.  Change Personal Settings
      Section 24.  Change the Desktop's Background
      Section 25.  Change Fonts
      Section 26.  Select a Screensaver
      Section 27.  Use the Lock Screen Tool
      Section 28.  About Desktop Themes
      Section 29.  Change the Current Desktop Theme
      Section 30.  Add Themes to GNOME
      Section 31.  Change Window Preferences
        Chapter 5.  Configuring NLD Hardware and System Settings
      Section 32.  About Configuring Hardware and System Settings in NLD
      Section 33.  Change Keyboard Settings
      Section 34.  Change Mouse Settings
      Section 35.  About Printing and NLD
      Section 36.  Add and Configure a Printer
      Section 37.  Print to a Printer
      Section 38.  Manage Print Jobs
      Section 39.  Delete a Printer
      Section 40.  Configure Sound Settings
      Section 41.  Change the Screen Resolution
      Section 42.  Change Session Settings
      Section 43.  Change Other System Settings
        Chapter 6.  Managing Files
      Section 44.  About the Linux File Structure and Nautilus File Manager
      Section 45.  Configure Nautilus Preferences
      Section 46.  Use Nautilus to Manage Folders
      Section 47.  Browse and Open Files
      Section 48.  Find Files
      Section 49.  Delete Files
      Section 50.  Copy and Move Files
      Section 51.  Access Recent Files
      Section 52.  Access and Save Files to a USB Memory Stick
      Section 53.  Burn Files on a CD or DVD
      Section 54.  About Archiving Files
      Section 55.  Archive Files with File Roller
      Section 56.  About Backing Up and Restoring Files
      Section 57.  Back Up Files
      Section 58.  Restore Files
        Chapter 7.  Adding and Managing Software Applications and Tools in NLD
      Section 59.  About Updating and Adding Applications to NLD
      Section 60.  About Updating Applications Using Red Carpet
      Section 61.  Run Red Carpet to Update NLD Applications
      Section 62.  About RPMs
      Section 63.  Find Applications Using Red Carpet
      Section 64.  Install Applications Using Red Carpet
      Section 65.  Install and Remove Applications Using YaST
      Section 66.  About Installing Applications from Other Archive Types
    Part II:  Using the Internet and Multimedia Tools
        Chapter 8.  Browsing the World Wide Web with Mozilla Firefox
      Section 67.  About Mozilla Firefox
      Section 68.  Browse Web Pages
      Section 69.  Use Tabbed Browsing
      Section 70.  Print a Web Page
      Section 71.  Control Pop-ups in Firefox
      Section 72.  Access the Browsing History
      Section 73.  Create a Bookmark
      Section 74.  About Managing Bookmarks
      Section 75.  Move and Edit Bookmarks
      Section 76.  Sort Bookmarks
      Section 77.  About Cookies and Firefox
      Section 78.  Accept and Reject Cookies
      Section 79.  Manage Cookies
        Chapter 9.  Using Other Internet Tools
      Section 80.  About Internet Email Accounts
      Section 81.  Configure an Email Client
      Section 82.  About Instant Messaging
      Section 83.  Configure Gaim Instant Messenger
      Section 84.  Use Gaim Instant Messenger
      Section 85.  About Internet Usenet Newsgroups
      Section 86.  Configure the Pan News Reader
      Section 87.  Use the Pan News Reader
      Section 88.  About Other NLD Internet Communication Tools
    Part III:  Using Productivity and Collaboration Software
        Chapter 10.  Working with Applications
      Section 89.  About
      Section 90.  Start Applications
      Section 91.  Configure Global Options
      Section 92.  About Sharing Documents with Microsoft Office Users
      Section 93.  Start a New File
      Section 94.  Save a Document
      Section 95.  Open an Existing Document
      Section 96.  Get Help in
        Chapter 11.  Creating Documents with Writer
      Section 97.  About Writer
      Section 98.  Use the AutoPilot to Create a Document
      Section 99.  Format Characters
      Section 100.  Format Paragraphs
      Section 101.  About Writer Styles
      Section 102.  Use the Stylist
      Section 103.  Create a Paragraph Style
      Section 104.  Insert Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
      Section 105.  Use Format Page Options
      Section 106.  Move Text
      Section 107.  Insert a Table
      Section 108.  Insert a Text Frame
      Section 109.  Place Graphics in a Document
      Section 110.  Do a Mail Merge
      Section 111.  About Printing in Writer
      Section 112.  Print a Document
        Chapter 12.  Creating Spreadsheets with Calc
      Section 113.  About Calc
      Section 114.  Enter Text and Data
      Section 115.  Enter Dates
      Section 116.  About Creating Formulas
      Section 117.  Create a Formula
      Section 118.  About Calc Functions
      Section 119.  Use the Function AutoPilot
      Section 120.  Select and Format Spreadsheet Cells
      Section 121.  Insert and Delete Columns
      Section 122.  Insert and Delete Rows
      Section 123.  Insert, Name, and Delete Sheets
      Section 124.  Sort and Filter Data
      Section 125.  About Calc Charts
      Section 126.  Insert and Format a Chart
      Section 127.  Print a Spreadsheet
        Chapter 13.  Creating Presentations with Impress
      Section 128.  About Impress
      Section 129.  Create a New Presentation
      Section 130.  Insert a New Slide
      Section 131.  Add Text to a Slide
      Section 132.  Modify Slide Layout
      Section 133.  Change Slide Design
      Section 134.  Use the Object Bar
      Section 135.  Insert Graphics and Other Objects
      Section 136.  Select a Slide Transition
      Section 137.  Add Slide Animation Effects
      Section 138.  Change the Workspace View
      Section 139.  Rehearse Slide Show Timings
      Section 140.  Change Slide Show Settings
      Section 141.  Run the Slide Show
      Section 142.  Print Slides, Notes, and Handouts
        Chapter 14.  Managing Email and Contacts with Novell Evolution
      Section 143.  About Novell Evolution
      Section 144.  Add an Email Account to Evolution
      Section 145.  About Email and Evolution
      Section 146.  Compose and Send Email
      Section 147.  Send an Email with an Attachment
      Section 148.  Receive and Reply to Email
      Section 149.  Work with Received Email Attachments
      Section 150.  Read, Sort, and Search Your Email
      Section 151.  Organize Your Email
      Section 152.  Use the Junk Mail Filter
      Section 153.  Create Virtual Folders
      Section 154.  About the Evolution Address Book
      Section 155.  Create a New Contact
      Section 156.  Edit an Existing Contact
      Section 157.  Create Contact Lists
      Section 158.  Search for Contacts
      Section 159.  Use Categories to Group Contacts
      Section 160.  Import Contacts
        Chapter 15.  Staying Organized with Novell Evolution
      Section 161.  About the Evolution Calendar
      Section 162.  Create Appointments
      Section 163.  Send a Meeting Invitation
      Section 164.  Manage Appointments and Meetings
      Section 165.  Create Tasks
      Section 166.  Create Assigned Tasks
      Section 167.  Create Task Lists
      Section 168.  Use Calendar Views
      Section 169.  Set Evolution Preferences
      Section 170.  About Synchronizing a Handheld Device with Evolution
      Section 171.  Delete Evolution Items
        Chapter 16.  Using Novell iFolder
      Section 172.  About Novell iFolder
      Section 173.  Start the iFolder Client
      Section 174.  Access iFolder from the Desktop
      Section 175.  Access Your iFolder from a Web Browser
      Section 176.  About Synchronizing Files
      Section 177.  Manually Synchronize Files
      Section 178.  View Files in the iFolder Conflict Bin
      Section 179.  Set iFolder Preferences
      What's On the DVD
      Hardware Requirements
      Installing Novell Linux Desktop 9
      License Agreement
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Novell Linux Desktop 9. User's Handbook
Novell Linux Desktop 9 Users Handbook
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