3. About Logoff Options

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Before You Begin

1 About Booting the NLD System and Logon Options

2 Log On to the System

After you have completed an NLD session, you will want to log off the system. What actually happens when you log off is controlled by the Logoff dialog box, accessed via the desktop System menu. The options provided are

  • Logout This option logs you off the system and returns you to the Logon Manager.

  • Shutdown This option shuts down the computer.

  • Restart the Computer This option restarts the computer and opens the Logon Manager.


The Logoff dialog box provides a Save Current Setup check box. Selecting this check box saves certain settings that you have changed for the GNOME desktop such as font settings, color settings, and other desktop appearance settings.

Options are provided in the Logoff dialog box.

The choice that you make in the Logoff dialog box depends on how you want to end your session. If you want to log off and allow another user to log on, use the Logout option. If you want to end your session and shut down the computer, select Shutdown.

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