4. Log Off the System from the Desktop

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Before You Begin

3 About Logoff Options

Logging off the system either returns you to the Logon Manager or shuts down the system. Either choice effectively ends your current NLD session.

Open System Menu

On the GNOME desktop, select the System menu, located between the Program and Help menus at the top of the desktop.

Open Logoff Dialog Box

Select the Log Out (username) command on the System menu.

Log Off NLD

The Log Out option is selected by default. Click OK to log off the system and return to the Logon Manager.


If you are planning on shutting down the system, select Shut Down in the Logoff dialog box.

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    Novell Linux Desktop 9. User's Handbook
    Novell Linux Desktop 9 Users Handbook
    ISBN: 0672327295
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2003
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