157. Create Contact Lists

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You can quickly create a contact list that serves as an alias or nickname for several contacts in the address book. For example, you may be working with a group of people who all need to receive email updates from you. You can create the contact list (which is saved as a separate card in the address book) and then add the contacts to it. Sending an email to the contact list sends the email to all the contacts that you included in the contact list.

Open Contact List

In Evolution with the address book open, select File, New, and then Contact List. The Contact List dialog box opens.

Name List

Type a name for the new list in the List Name box.

Add Contacts

To add contacts drag the contact from the address book list to the Members box in the Contact List dialog box. After adding contacts to the list (as needed), click OK. The Contact List is added to the address book as an address card.


You can also type an email address in the Members box and then click add to add an email address to the contact list that is not currently entered in the address book.

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