154. About the Evolution Address Book

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The Evolution address book or contact list provides you with the ability to enter contacts including information on each contact such as name, email address, phone number, and both home and business addresses. Each contact that you enter is shown as an address card in the contacts list when the Address Book is selected in the Evolution window (when the Contacts shortcut is selected below the Folder list).

You can quickly change the view of the contact list by selecting View, Current View, and then selecting one of the views on the submenu such as Phone List or By Company. You can also use the Search box to quickly find a contact or contacts.


You can share contact information easily with nearly any co-worker user no matter what email or groupware program he uses. Select a contact in the address book and then select File, Save as VCard. Saving the address information as a vcard allows you to email the vcard file as an attachment. Most contact management and groupware products can then "read" the vcard so that the information can be added to that groupware product's contact list.

The information that you record for each contact depends on what you need to know about that particular contact. For example, in the case of personal contacts or co-workers you may only need to enter their names and email addresses. In the case of clients you may want to enter all the information that you have regarding them, such as work address, home address, multiple telephone numbers, and email addresses.

Contacts are shown as address cards by default.

The Contact Editor is used to create and edit contacts. The Contact Editor provides three tabs in its window:

  • Contact This tab is used to record the contact's name and other basic information such as email address, phone number, and instant messaging account names (if applicable).

  • Personal This tab allows you to enter information such as home page address and the contact's job information (such as company and title).

  • Mailing Address This tab provides space for you to enter both the home and work addresses of the individual (and includes space for additional optional addresses).

After you create a new contact, you can edit his information at any time. You can also delete contacts that you no longer need.

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