145. About Email and Evolution

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When you configure an email account for Evolution, a set of email-related folders is created for you automatically. These folders are

  • Inbox Messages received via your email account (or accounts) are placed by default in the Inbox.

  • Drafts When you are working on a message and want to save it before completion, the draft of the message is saved to the Drafts folder. The incomplete message can be reopened and completed as needed.

  • Junk Mail that is tagged as "junk" by the Evolution Junk Email filter is placed in the Junk folder.

  • Outbox Mail that has been completed but not sent is held in the Outbox. When you select Send/Receive, all email in the Outbox is sent.

  • Sent A copy of each of your sent emails is saved in the Sent folder.

  • Trash When you delete an email (or other items such as contacts), the item is placed in the Trash folder. You can undelete items from the Trash folder if needed. You can also configure Evolution to automatically empty the Trash folder when you exit Evolution.

Obviously, these folders are designed to help you manage your email messages, particularly those sent and received. You can also create your own subfolders for any of the default email folders as needed (right-click on a folder and then select New Folder). You can also keep your email organized and easily accessible by creating rules and filters that allow messages to be viewed in special folders called vFolders.


A vFolder or virtual folder is really a view of email messages that meet certain rule criteria. For example, you can set up a vFolder that lists all the emails from a certain person or that contain certain keywords in the message subject. A vFolder isn't really a place because the message still resides in an actual folder such as the Inbox. vFolders are created by setting up a rule (or rules) for the vFolder. When you open a vFolder, it lists all the messages that meet the criteria that have been configured for that vFolder.

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