146. Compose and Send Email

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Composing and sending email is one of the most essential communication tasks today. Evolution does this as well as any email application.

Before You Begin

145 About Email and Evolution

Open New Message

From the Evolution application window (select Programs, Evolution), select File, New, Mail Message.


When you have the Inbox selected (or any of the mail folders), you can quickly start a new email by selecting the New button on the toolbar.

Address Email/Open Address Book

To address the email, type a valid email address in the To box. If you want to select the email address from the address book, select the To button. The Address Book opens.

Select Contact

Select a contact or contacts and then select To:, Cc: (copy), or Bcc: (blind copy; main addressee does not see these email addresses) as needed. (You can add contacts in this way only if contacts have been added to your contact list.) After you have finished addressing the email, click OK.

Enter Subject and Body

Type a subject and a body for the message.

Send Message

Select the Send button on the message. The message goes to your Outbox temporarily and then is sent to the recipient or recipients.


A copy of the sent message is saved in your Sent folder.

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