Chapter 16. Hosting a Web Site

In this chapter

  • Creating your corporate presence on the Web

  • Using the Web as a marketing tool

  • Selling products on the Web

  • Understanding secure online transaction methods

  • Hosting a Web site

  • Creating a Web site

So far, we've discussed what the Internet is (in Chapter 14, "How the Internet Works") and how a company or institution can connect to the Internet (Chapter 15, "Connecting a Network to the Internet"). In this chapter, we take a look at establishing a corporate presence on the Internet in the form of a Web site.

We've also already discussed how you obtain a domain name, but it's how you actually use that domain name in association with your Web site and other services you provide your customer base via the Internet that makes the Internet a positive addition to your business plan.

In this chapter, we discuss issues related to creating a Web page and getting your business on the Web. We look at the options of creating your own Web site or having your Web site created by a company that specializes in Web site development. We also look at how you can use Web pages to enhance communications on a corporate intranet. Let's start our discussion with the reasons why you might want to have a Web site for your business or company.

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