Strategic, service-rich, server-side Java platform targeted at supporting distributed, enterprise class, n - tier modular applications.
Subset of J2EE targeted at building and deploying client-side Java applications.
Platform-independent, highly object oriented, third-generation programming language and software development methodology developed by Sun and introduced to the world in 1995 as a strategic technology for realizing dynamic, interactive Web applications, though it was conceived c. 1990.
Java 2
Umbrella term that refers to all Java initiatives that came after December 1988 when the Java 1.2 specification was released.
Java API
Extensive collection of predefined, ready-to-run software components and services for expediting and simplifying the development of Java programs.
Java Platform
A JVM (or container) along with the Java API.
Java s powerful component architecture for creating and exploiting reusable, platform-independent software modules.
Simpler scripting version of Java, developed by Netscape, which only can run within Web browsers and is related to Java in the way that cheesecake is related to cheese.
JavaServer Faces
New Java technology for facilitating the building of user interfaces for server-side Java applications.
JavaServer Pages
Java technology to decouple the user interface aspects of a Web application from that of content generation.
Java s extensible API for XML document processing that is based on the concept of using external plugged-in parsers.
Java API for accessing and querying XML registries, in particular UDDI and ebXML registries.
Database connectivity la Java.
Just-in-Time Java compilers that speed up the performance of Java programs by recompiling byte code into a native machine code.
Java s directory and naming services.
Microsoft s version of JavaScript.
A run-time, platform-specific environment for executing Java applications or applets.

Web Services[c] Theory and Practice
Web Services[c] Theory and Practice
ISBN: 1555582826
Year: 2006
Pages: 113

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