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At last, we’re ready to create some code! Figure 3.5 shows the source code control repository for the Download Tracker project. I’m using SourceGear Vault as my source code control system.

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Figure 3.5: Source code control tree for Download Tracker

I’ve set up a number of folders in the repository to hold the artifacts that I anticipate this project will generate:

  • /Build will hold the build scripts, as well as any documentation of the build process.

  • /Build/Logs will hold the results of each build that I do.

  • /Code is the overall starting point in the tree for source code.

  • /Code/DownloadEngine will hold the code for the download engine project.

  • /Code/DownloadTracker will hold the main Download Tracker code.

  • /Code/Plugins will hold the code for publishing plug-ins.

  • /Database will hold the SQL statements to rebuild the database.

  • /Doc will hold source files for end-user documentation.

  • /Setup will hold a Windows Installer project to set up Download Tracker on an end user’s computer.

  • /Tests will hold code and instructions for automated testing.

As you can see, I’ve checked the first project into the /Code/DownloadTracker folder. There’s a lot left to do on this project, but at least it’s started now.

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