Source Code Control Checklist

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After you’ve been working with it for a while, source code control should be as natural as breathing. Review these basic points to check the effectiveness of your own source code control process:

  • Use a source code control system to protect your code and keep track of its history.

  • Learn how to effectively use commands such as Label, Share, Branch, and Merge.

  • Evaluate several source code control alternatives and choose the one that fits best with your budget and style of work.

  • Place all development artifacts under source code control.

  • Check out files only when you need them.

  • Comment changes at check-in time.

  • Label your code at significant points in time.

  • Create a branch whenever the rules change.

  • Use source code control together with bug tracking.

Although this isn’t a book primarily about coding style, some coding topics are too important to overlook. In the next chapter you’ll learn about assertions and comments, and what they can do to improve the quality of your code.

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