This chapter covered six common services. It s unlikely that you ll need them all in a home computing environment, and it s certainly unlikely that you ll ever install all of these services onto a single machine, except to experiment with them. Most medium- size office environments will have at least some of these services, and in a production situation, you would often assign at least one dedicated machine to any of these services.

There are so many configuration options for all these services that we can t possibly cover them all here. There is a mass of useful information on the Web, both in formal documentation and on newsgroups, and you have the man pages, too. Here are just a few sites that provide more documentation and developments on some of the services discussed here:

  • : the official sendmail Web site

  • : the official site for Fedora Linux

  • : The official Web site for SAMBA

  • : A searchable collection of all RFCs

  • : The official site for DHCP

  • : The Linux documentation Project site

  • : Contains useful articles on Linux

  • : A security news site for Linux

The next chapter delves further into systems security by looking at system and network security policies, software tools to detect and minimize the security threats, and virtual private networks (VPN).

Beginning Fedora 2
Beginning Fedora 2
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