Input Channels

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Input Channels

Available in SX only, the input channels (input buses) are the entry point equivalent of their exit point counterpart : the output buses. As such, they also offer the same controls inside the mixer with one differenceyou can't solo an input bus

You can use input channels (input buses) in SX to monitor the signal as it enters the input and adjust its level accordingly . SL users will need to access their sound card's input level control as an alternative to input buses controls.

How To

To change the physical input or output assigned to a bus:

  • In the VST Connections panel, select the desired output from the available outputs next to the appropriate bus.

After an input or output bus is active, it becomes available at the top of the audio channels in the SX Mixer. You can send any audio channel (disk audio, VSTi, Rewire, and group channels) to any active bus (see Figure 12.15).

Figure 12.15. Selecting a bus in the Mixer window's audio channel, fielding Cubase SX.



graphic/ptip.gif RENAMING BUSES

You can also rename buses inside the Mixer by clicking where the current bus name exists and entering a new name for this bus.

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