Conventions Used in This Book


Throughout this book, we've used the following typographic conventions:


This character style is used for emphasis as well as for online items and email addresses. It also indicates the following elements: commands, file extensions, filenames, directory or folder names , and UNC pathnames.

Constant width

Constant width in body text indicates a language construct, such as the names of keywords, constants, variables , attributes, objects, methods , events, controls, and HTML and XML tags.

  Constant width bold  

This character style is used to call your attention to lines of source code that are especially pertinent in a recipe.

Constant width italic

This character style indicates replaceable variables in examples. The variable that appears in this style is a signal to you that the variable needs to be replaced by contents of your own choosing.

figs/vbicon.gif Indicates a VB code snippet.

figs/csharpicon.gif Indicates a C# code snippet.

This icon signifies a tip, suggestion, or general note.

This icon indicates a warning or caution.

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