Use Disk Utility s Repair Disk Feature

Use Disk Utility's Repair Disk Feature

Earlier, I suggested using Disk Utility's Repair Disk feature to preemptively check for and eliminate common disk gremlins (see Run Disk Utility, page 25). Because disk errors do creep in during ordinary computer use (seemingly of their own accord), I suggest running Disk Utility and using its Repair Disk command once a month.

Why Do Disk Errors Occur?

In addition to Disk Utility, numerous third-party utilities check for, and attempt to repair, a wide range of disk errors. I've run these utilities hundreds of times over the years, and a shockingly large proportion of the time they've found and fixed errorseven though I wasn't aware of any problem. What causes these problems in the first place?

Although I can't give you a complete answer to this question, I can offer a few reasons some disk errors occur:

Buggy software: Virtually all software contains some bugs, and bugs can cause bad data to be written to your disk or can corrupt existing data.

Hardware failures: If your hard drive, logic board, or various other components have manufacturing defectsor develop malfunctions later onthese can result in disk errors.

User error: If you unplug an external hard drive without unmounting the volume(s) first (File > Eject), you may interrupt the flow of data to the drive, or interrupt a housekeeping procedure. Many other user errors can also result in disk problems.

Power failure: If the power goes out (or your battery dies) at an inopportune moment, a file may not be written properly.

In other words, stuff happens. You can guard against some problems simply by being careful, but stuff will still happen.

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