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beowulf cluster computing with linux, second edition
Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux, Second Edition
by William Gropp, Ewing Lusk and Thomas Sterling (eds) ISBN:0262692929
The MIT Press 2003 (618 pages)

This how-to guide provides step-by-step instructions for building a Beowulf-type computer, including the physical elements that make up a clustered PC, the software required, and insights on how to organize the code to exploit parallelism.

Table of Contents
Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux, Second Edition
Series Foreword
Preface to- the Second Edition
Preface to- the First Edition
Chapter 1- So You Want to Use a Cluster
Part I - Enabling Technologies
Chapter 2- Node Hardware
Chapter 3- Linux
Chapter 4- System Area Networks
Chapter 5- Configuring and Tuning Cluster Networks
Chapter 6- Setting up Clusters
Part II - Parallel Programming
Chapter 7- An Introduction to Writing Parallel Programs for Clusters
Chapter 8- Parallel Programming with MPI
Chapter 9- Advanced Topics in MPI Programming
Chapter 10- Parallel Virtual Machine
Chapter 11- Fault-Tolerant and Adaptive Programs with PVM
Chapter 12- Numerical and Scientific Software for Clusters
Part III - Managing Clusters
Chapter 13- Cluster Management
Chapter 14- Cluster Workload Management
Chapter 15- Condor: A Distributed Job Scheduler
Chapter 16- Maui Scheduler: A High Performance Cluster Scheduler
Chapter 17- PBS: Portable Batch System
Chapter 18- Scyld Beowulf
Chapter 19- Parallel I/O and the Parallel Virtual File System
Chapter 20- A Tale of Two Clusters: Chiba City and Jazz
Chapter 21- Conclusions
Appendix A- Glossary of Terms
Appendix B- Annotated Reading List
Appendix C- Annotated URLs
List of Figures
List of Tables

Beowulf Cluster Computing With Linux 2003
Beowulf Cluster Computing With Linux 2003
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