Responding to a To Do Item

When you are named as a participant on a To Do document, you receive a mail message in your Inbox. When you open the message, you find choices for responding to this To Do assignment on the Action bar. Click the appropriate button on the Action bar:

  • Respond Click here to Accept or Decline the task, Delegate the task to another person, or Propose New Time, which allows you to change the due date. If you delegate the task, you must name a person to handle the task. However, you can request updates from the owner of the task (the person who created the To Do document). You can also receive updates if you decline the task. The last choice in this menu is Completed, which marks the task as completed and notifies the sender that you have completed the task.

  • Respond with Comments Contains the same choices as found in the Respond menu, but the return form includes a field for you to add comments when accepting, declining, delegating, proposing a new time, or completing the item.

  • Request Information Click here to ask for further information before or after accepting the task. When you select this, you also have the opportunity to Include comments on the reply message.

When you select a response option, a mail message is generated and sent to the owner of the task. When the owner receives your response, he too has options, which are available under the Actions button on the Action bar in the To Do view. These actions are also available for To Do items you have saved, not just those to which you are responding. These include the following:

  • Reschedule

  • Cancel

  • Confirm

  • View Invitee Status

  • Send Memo to Invitees who have Responded

  • Send Memo to Invitees who have not Responded

In this chapter, you learned how to assign To Do items to yourself and to others, how to mark the To Do items as completed, and how to view the items. In the next chapter, you will learn how to use the Address Books.

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