Using Page Minder

When you need to check a web page frequently to see if there are any new updates, the Page Minder agent can do that for you. Whenever a change to the specific page occurs, the agent either sends you an email with a summary or the actual page.

Before you can run an agent such as Page Minder or Housekeeping, you must enable scheduled local agents first. If you've done this once, you need not do it again. If you've not enabled scheduled agents, choose File, Preferences, User Preferences, and place a check mark next to Enable scheduled local agents. Click OK. Remember that agents will only run when Notes is running.

To set up the Page Minder agent, do the following:


Open a web page and choose Actions, Internet Options from the menu.


Select the Page Minder tab (see Figure 13.6).

Figure 13.6. Save yourself time by setting Page Minder to check for updates on important web pages.


From the "Search for Updates Every" drop-down list, choose how often you want the agent to runevery hour, 4 hours, day, or week.


Determine whether you want Page Minder to Send a Summary or Mail the Actual Page when updates are found.


Enter the names of the users who should receive the updates. Your name is automatically entered; click Address to select additional users.


Click Enable Page Minder to turn on the agent.


Click Save and Close.

When you are ready to specify a page that you want to be monitored, open the web page and choose Actions, Move to Folder. Under the Web Bots folder, select the Page Minder folder and click Add.

You stop monitoring a web page from the Personal Web Navigator database. Open the database by choosing File, Database, Open from the menu. Then select Personal Web Navigator from the list of local databases and click Open. Click the Page Minder folder, select the page, and click the Delete button on the Action bar.

When you want to disable the Page Minder agent, open a web page and choose Actions, Internet Options from the menu. Open the Page Minder tab and click Disable Page Minder. Then click Save and Close.

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