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An account that is not taxable.

tax estimate

A calculated estimate of your federal taxes, based on approximate values you enter at the time of calculation or on Quicken data you've entered previously.

Tax Planner

A Quicken feature you use to generate a tax estimate.

tax- related category

A category you identify as tracking either a taxable income or expense. Quicken uses the information from tax-related categories to generate tax reports and estimates.


The toolbar appears along the top of the active window in Quicken, well below the menu bar for the Quicken application itself.


A bill (check), deposit, transfer, withdrawal, or ATM action you record in a Quicken account.

transaction group

A list of transactions you collect under a group name and schedule in the Scheduled Transaction List. You can select a transaction group to enter all of that group's transactions in the register simultaneously .


A transaction that withdraws money from one account and deposits it into another account.


A popular tax preparation program also made by Intuit, the makers of Quicken.

Easy Quicken 2004
Easy Quicken 2004
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