Quicken Bill Pay

An online payment service you can use to pay your bills from any checking account. You must sign up to use the service for a small fee.

Quicken data file

A file that holds Quicken accounts. Although a Quicken file can hold multiple accounts, you might want to create a separate data file for each person using Quicken, to keep information separate.

See [Quicken data file]

An acronym for Quicken Interchange Format, a file format supported by older versions of the Quicken program.

Quicken Home page

This initial window displayed by Quicken includes handy lists and reminders.


A feature that memorizes a transaction for each new payee (creating a memorized transaction) and enables you to quickly fill in that transaction information when you begin typing the payee's name in a new transaction.

Easy Quicken 2004
Easy Quicken 2004
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