Comparing a Quicken account with the paper account statement from your bank or financial institution. Reconciling involves clearing and adjusting Quicken transactions to make them match the statement so that ending balances for both the Quicken account and the statement are identical.

recurring transaction
See [scheduled transaction]

An account register holds the entries for your account. The register for bank accounts (for example, checking and savings accounts) looks very similar to your paper checkbook register.


A feature that reminds you to use an upcoming scheduled transaction. Reminders appear when you start Quicken. You control how far in advance a reminder appears.

Reminders List

The list of dates on which you've specified that Quicken should remind you of an upcoming scheduled transaction.

See also [reminders]


Specially summarized or grouped information in Quicken. You can print the report after displaying it.


Using a backup copy of your Quicken data file to replace the current version if it becomes damaged.

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Easy Quicken 2004
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