Chapter 12. Cool Tricks


84 Create a Split-Screen Effect

85 Make a Car Move Across a Map

86 Make a Line Move Across a Map

87 Create a Brady Bunch Effect

88 Make a Person Appear with a Different Background

89 Make a Person Appear to Be Miniaturized

90 Make a Person Appear to Fly

91 Make Your Clip Appear on an Object

92 Blur an Isolated Spot on a Video Clip a la Cops

93 Show Your Video Through a Shape or Text

94 Frame Your Video with an Image

Premiere Elements offers many easy-to-use effects that do a host of cool tricks right out of the box. But sometimes the most obvious use for an effect is only the beginning. With a little creativity, you'll be amazed at what you can do!

This chapter offers some not-quite-so-obvious but oft-requested tricks you can perform with the Premiere Elements's Video FX collection.

How do you make a line move across a map anyway?

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