Chapter 2: Editing XML Documents with XMLSPY 5

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In This Chapter

  • Reviewing basic XML syntax constructs

  • Examining the rules for writing XML documents

  • Using enhanced Grid view

  • Converting data to XML by using XMLSPY

  • Creating and managing XMLSPY projects

  • Examining XMLSPYs other editing features

Now that you have installed XMLSPY 5, it’s time to take a closer look at the structure and syntax of an XML document.

In this chapter, you use XMLSPY 5 to create and edit XML documents—both from scratch and by converting documents from several different file formats (such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Access). By the end of this chapter, you’ll have hands-on experience working with XML files and will be sufficiently familiar with XMLSPY 5 to easily navigate its editing environment in order to tackle more advanced topics.

Cross-Reference See Chapter 1 if you need help installing XMLSPY 5.

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