In this chapter, I introduced XML as a language that describes structured documents in a such a way that the document is easily understood by any person or computer. This chapter covered these points:

  • XML is a standard syntax for creating tag-based vocabularies, such as XML Schema, XSL/XSLT, and SOAP. These vocabularies provide a way to express a document’s structure, as well as to transform and transmit the information contained within that XML document.

  • XML technologies are employed in a wide variety of software development applications, yet they are all expressed using XML syntax in the form of XML documents, which in turn need to be designed and edited.

  • XMLSPY 5 is an XML IDE that makes editing XML documents easy, including XML Schemas, XSL/XSLT stylesheets, and SOAP documents.

  • How to obtain and install XMLSPY 5.

In the next chapter, you find out how to edit XML documents in XMLSPY 5.

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