Team Bush - Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House

Donald F. Kettl


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This book had its genesis in a series of conversations with Jeffrey Krames at McGraw-Hill. He raised the key questions: What is George W. Bush’s style? How does it differ from the styles that other presidents have developed? Does it seem to work—for him and, just as importantly, for the country? The questions launched me down the winding road that ended in this book. I’m grateful indeed for his provocative suggestions and constant insights along the way.

The book benefited enormously from conversations and interviews with a great many people, including both Washington insiders and experts who have long followed presidential politics. I’m especially indebted to extended conversations with Charles O. Jones (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Thomas Mann (Brookings Institution), William Eggers (Deloitte Research and manager of the Texas Performance Review during Bush’s governorship), and Vance McMahon (Bush’s gubernatorial policy adviser). In addition, I interviewed a number of experts who spoke on background and requested anonymity. They immeasurably enriched the book.

Zachary Oberfield proved an untiring and unfailingly helpful researcher. He dug out important nuggets for the book—and he always proved a valued colleague in talking through the issues raised by Bush’s management style. He is a true professional in every respect.

McGraw-Hill’s production staff was every author’s dream. I’m especially indebted to Tom Lau, who designed the book’s cover. He perfectly captured not only the Bush style but also the new blue-and-gold look that Bush brought to the Oval Office. Editing supervisor Scott Kurtz and production supervisor Maureen Harper flawlessly and painlessly managed the book’s production. Likewise, Patty Wallenburg’s typesetting was also exemplary and incredibly swift.

I owe the greatest debts to my parents—who taught me first and best about what teamwork really means—and to my wife, Sue. She not only provided unflagging support through the writing but also remarkably keen insight into how best to frame the book’s themes. She is the best teammate an author (or husband) could ever have.

Donald F. Kettl

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