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By the summer of 2002, after three months of design and analysis, two months of development, and one month of QA/RM, the IS knowledge portal was launched. The marketing to and training of users ran throughout the summer and into the fall, the start of a new academic year. The knowledge store was fairly substantial at launch but grows considerably each quarter as both EO and a cadre of IS power users regularly adds content to the site.

The ongoing support and maintenance of the IS knowledge portal is now shared among various IS division operating units: [16]

  • Enterprise operations KM (i.e., the Webmaster) — provides tier 1 support for all portal users and serves as the liaison between most content providers and the knowledge store. EO also maintains the overall rigor of site taxonomies and services and implements minor enhancements to the portal's offerings, the strategic direction of the service, and its ongoing promotion and proliferation.

  • Enterprise application technology services — maintains the underlying Domino platform, installs Aptrix patches and upgrades, and otherwise provides tier 2 support for the application.

  • Enterprise application development services or Earley & Associates — provide tier 3 support and any major additions to current portal offerings.

  • Power users — enter, update, tag, index their own content within Aptrix.

  • Other content providers — direct their new or updated Web assets and documents to the Webmaster for posting to the knowledge store.

  • Team room, discussion database, and IS tool moderators — determine access rights to their respective information resources and services, which they ensure remain current.

  • Many within IS — employ the new KM environment and electronic desktop in their daily work.

Beyond ensuring that the portal platform remains robust and that the experience continues to meet the needs of the IS user community, the IS PMO works with all of IS to make certain that the IS intranet site remains fresh, current, and comprehensive in terms of its content and services. The PMO team recognizes the need for ongoing marketing and continuous improvement of the service and hopes that its colleagues will take up the ongoing challenge of leveraging this new KM service.

[16]Current conversations point toward the reengineering of myIS in terms of both its Web experience and its underlying technology. The emerging plan calls for moving the knowledge portal in a redesigned form onto the University's open standards (uPortal) Web portal (i.e., myNEU), employing SCT/Campus Pipeline's Luminis Portal and Documentum Content Management Server technologies.

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