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When I try to drag a symbol from my Library to the Stage, my cursor changes to the international "No" symbol. It used to work. Why doesn't it now?


You can drag symbols from the Library onto the Stage provided that you have an open layer into which to drop them. Your problem is occurring because the current layer (with a pencil in it) is locked, the current layer is invisible, or the red current-frame marker is in an interpolated frame (as discussed in Hour 8, "Using Motion Tweens to Animate," and Hour 9, "Using Shape Tweens to Morph"). You'll learn more about layers in Hour 11, "Using Layers in Animations."


Libraries seem like they can save a lot of time and keep movie sizes down. Is there any way to use these benefits among several files?


As a matter of fact, Flash has a powerful feature called Shared Libraries. You'll create and use shared libraries in Hour 23, "Working on Large Projects and in Team Environments."


I set the blend of an instance to Invert and expected to see a negative version of that symbol. It just made my symbol black. How do I get that inverse look?


Remember that blends almost always require both the overlaying instance (that has the blend applied) as well as the objects (shapes, drawing objects, or other symbols) that are underneath. To see the inverse of an instance's contents, create a solid shape (say, a rectangle the same dimensions as the instance you want to invert) and put it underneath the instance with the blend applied. (You can play around with the color of that shape for different effects.) Alternatively, put the instance's blend back to Normal, covert the shape to a symbol, and apply a blend to that solid instance. Make sure the solid is on top of your original instance.


I want to create a clock with a minute hand and second hand. None of the 9 registration point options (when first converting the shape to a symbol) were appropriate, so I went into the master symbol but I can't move that registration point. How do I move it?


You can't. But, you can instead select the entire contents of your symbol and move it relative to the registration point.


Okay, I moved the contents so the registration point aligns with the exact axis of rotation but when I rotate the instance on stage it's still using the center point. I know for a fact this used to work in my dad's version of Flash back when I was younger. What gives?


You need to edit the transformation point. That's the white circle that appears when you use the Free Transform tool and select the symbol instance. If the transform point seems to be in an odd location, remember that it's always the visual center at the time the object was created. If you've gone and edited the contents of the master symbol it could get all out of whack. Not to worry, you can always edit it by hand.

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