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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this hour. You should try to answer the questions before checking the answers.



If you don't see a symbol that you know you've created listed in the Library window, what is the likely cause?

  1. You have an outdated version of Flash and should get the upgrade.

  2. You're either not looking at the Library window for the current file or the symbol is hiding in a folder.

  3. You forgot to name the symbol; therefore, it isn't listed.


Which of the following are clues that you are currently editing the master version of a particular symbol?

  1. The edit bar contains the symbol's name, and a big plus sign appears in the middle of the screen.

  2. The Properties panel is grayed out.

  3. The symbol is highlighted in the Library window.


Should you consider using another color style setting instead of alpha when you simply want an instance to be faded back?

  1. No, nothing beats alpha.

  2. Yes, you should never use alpha.

  3. If the instance is not on top of anything else, then, yes, you should consider using brightness or tint instead.

Quiz Answers


B. A Library from another file can fool you, and putting symbols in folders can effectively hide them from your view. The drop-down list in the Library lets you view the library for any other currently open Flash file. Consider, too, that Answer C can't be correct because every symbol must have a name.


A. The edit bar is the main clue that you're in the Library. By all means, don't let the Library window fool you answer C is way wrong.


C. If the alpha color effect is used, it's only effective (and therefore worthwhile) when it's on top of something that can show through it. Brightness and tint can be used to get the same effect, and both perform better than alpha on slower machines.

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