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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this hour. You should try to answer the questions before checking the answers.



The quick key for the Selection tool is V, for the Pencil is Y, and for the Brush is B. Where's the best way to find the quick keys for the other tools?

  1. By looking at the front of this book where they're all listed for your reference.

  2. By going to the Macromedia website.

  3. By rolling your cursor over the tool and waiting for the answer to appear as a ToolTip.


Is there more than one way to set fill color?

  1. Yes. Anyplace you see a swatch, you can set fill color.

  2. Yes. There are many places where the fill color swatch appears, and setting any of them affects all the others.

  3. No. You must set the fill color from the fill swatch in the drawing toolbar (the swatch with the bucket icon).

Quiz Answers


C. Although Answers A and B may be true, the simplest way is to use the ToolTips. By the way, although the default is "Show tooltips," you can change this setting by selecting Edit, Preferences.


B. You don't need to memorize all the places where the fill swatch appears. Any fill swatch will do. Of course, you can't change the fill color by adjusting just any swatch it must be a fill swatch, not a stroke swatch.


Try your hand at creating perfect geometric shapes, such as a cube. Use Snap to Objects to help you. If you want to see a few examples of interesting shapes, check out Appendix A, which describes how to create some common shapes. Another idea is to try to copy a logo from a familiar brand-name product. This will force you to break down the task into geometric shapes.

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