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Matching a point in one frame with a point in another frame. The term mapping is applied to code hints in this book, but it's also a general term.


A selection technique using the Selection tool in which you start by clicking off any object and then dragging to encircle an object. The rectangle you create is sometimes called "marching ants."

Mask and Masked layers

Layer properties that always come in pairs: one for the mask and one that is masked (for example, Motion Guide and Guided). The graphical contents of the Mask layer determine which parts of the Masked layer will show through.


A kind of animation that transitions one shape to another.

See also [shape tween]

Motion guide

A Guide layer that has an adjacent layer (below it) that is set to Guided. Tweened objects in the Guided layer will follow a path in the Guide layer.

motion tween

A utility to animate a single object from one frame to another, where the object's properties have changed over time.

See also [shape tween]

Movie Clip symbol

A symbol that contains interactive controls, sounds, and even other movie clips. Movie clips can be placed in the Timeline of Button symbols to create animated buttons. Movie clips follow their own internal Timeline, which is independent of the main Timeline.

See also [symbol]

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