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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this hour. You should try to answer the questions before checking the answers.



If On2's VP6 coded yields better results than the Sorenson's Spark codec (which it does), why would you ever select Spark?

  1. You don't want to pay the additional license charges which accompany the VP6 codec.

  2. You are planning on delivering to Flash Player 7 and the VP6 codec only works on Flash Player 8 or later.

  3. You don't like the fact the VP6 encoded videos are at least twice the size of Spark encoded videos.


How do you change the compression on a video that you've already embedded?

  1. You can't. Instead, you could re-embed and recompress at that time.

  2. You simply access the video item (in the Library), select its Properties option, and then click Recompress.

  3. You simply need to modify the Video tab of the Publish Settings dialog box.


On2's VP6 is which of the following?

  1. An old technique where rock bands would begin to play "on two" instead of "on four" as in "one, two, three, four"

  2. The compression technology included with Flash 8 and the decompression technology used in the Flash player

  3. An option (that costs extra) to compress your videos with "supercompression"

Quiz Answers


B. Requiring users to upgrade to the latest player is definitely an issue, especially when it's so new. In addition, the VP6 codec requires more resources from your users' computers.


A. Answer B makes sense, in fact most imported media lets you reimport via the Update button on the item's Properties dialog box but that is not supported for video and simply displays a warning.


B. A codec has both compression and decompression components. There is a version called Spark Pro (that costs extra), but realize that users with the Flash player will still be able to view Flash videos that use this version.

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