What Is a View?


A view is how you look at your project. Gantt Chart, Resource Usage, and Resource Sheet are all views that you use to look at your project data. A view is made of several elements, as shown in the following figure.

To open this dialog, first open the More Views dialog by clicking the More Views option in the View toolbar menu. Then select the view for which you want to see the details and click Edit.


The dialog shown here shows the parts that make up a view.

Table graphics/one_icon.jpg Most views (all except the Calendar and Network Diagram views) have a table. The table is the part of the view that looks a bit like a spreadsheet. It shows the fields as columns and the tasks , resources, and assignments as rows.

Group graphics/two_icon.jpg All views have a group assigned to them, even if that group is the default No Group.

Filter graphics/three_icon.jpg All views have a filter, even if it is the default All Tasks or All Resources filters.

You can create as many views as you like. You can, through the use of groups and filters, make them very specialized in the way they display data.

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