Creating Filters


You can have a filter that shows only tasks that have the word "develop" in the Task Name field. You can also set up filters that show only the tasks that occur between a set of dates. These interactive filters prompt you for data (like the date range) when you apply them.

Creating a Static Filter

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the Project, Filtered For, More Filters menu item.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select whether you want to create a Task filter or a Resource filter.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Click the New button.


graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter a name for your filter.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Select whether the filter should appear in the Project, Filtered For menu.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Enter the field name for the first filter criteria.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Enter the test for the filter (Equals, Contains, Greater Than, Less Than, and so on).

graphics/eight_icon.jpg Enter the value that the field will be tested against.

graphics/nine_icon.jpg If you will have a second row, select whether that row should be applied with an AND or an OR operation.

graphics/ten_icon.jpg Enter additional rows as necessary.

graphics/eleven_icon.jpg If you want the filtered tasks to be shown with their parent summary tasks even if the summary tasks do not meet the filter criteria, check the Show Related Summary rows check box.

graphics/tweleve_icon.jpg Click OK.


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