Understanding Web Sites and Browsers

A web site contains web pages linked together to make searching for information on the Internet easier. web pages are documents that contain highlighted words, phrases, and graphics, called hyperlinks (or simply links ) that open other web pages when you click them. Some web pages contain frames . A frame is a separate window within a web page that lets you see more than one web page at a time. web browsers are software programs that you use to "browse the web," or access and display web pages. Browsers make the web easy to navigate by providing a graphical, point-and-click environment. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 is a popular browser from Microsoft that is built-in to Windows XP. Netscape ( formally Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator) is another popular browser. With a web browser, you can display web pages from all over the world, display web content on the desktop, use links to move from one web page to another, play audio and video clips, search the web for information, make favorite web pages available offline (when you're not connected to the Internet), and print text and graphics on web pages.


Show Me Microsoft Windows XP
Show Me Microsoft Windows XP (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0789733366
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Year: 2002
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