Now that you know how to work with the graphical elements that make Windows work, you're ready to work with programs. A program is software you use to accomplish a specific task, such as word processing or managing files on your computer. This shows you how to access your Windows programs (and to customize this access). It also shows you how to create and edit files in your programs, share information between programs, and what to do when a program is not responding. Windows comes with several small programs, called Accessories , that are extremely useful for completing basic tasks , such as creating a written document or performing basic calculations. Windows XP also provides a number of ways for you to resolve some common problems. For example, you can use older programs (designed to run on previous versions of Windows) on your Windows XP computer by changing specific settings using the Accessories menu. You can run commands from a text-based interface (called a command line), and Windows provides an interface for quitting a program that has stopped responding without turning off your computer and losing information in other programs. In addition, this chapter covers the fun stuff: Games. You can play games on your computer, or with other people over the internet.

Show Me Microsoft Windows XP
Show Me Microsoft Windows XP (2nd Edition)
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