Managing Windows

Managing Windows

One of the powerful things about Windows is that you can open more than one window or program at once. This means, however, that the desktop can get cluttered with many open windows for the various programs you are using. A button appears on the taskbar for each open window. If there isn't enough room on the taskbar to display a button for each open window, Windows XP groups similar types of windows under one button. You can identify a window by its name on the title bar at the top of the window. To organize your desktop, you must sometimes change the size of a window or move it to a different location. Each window is surrounded by a border that you can use to move or resize the window. Each window has resize buttons in the upper-right corner.

Switch Among Open Windows


On the taskbar, click a button.


If windows are grouped, a menu appears.


Click the window you want from the menu.


Did You Know?

You can tile all open windows side by side . Right-click a blank area on the taskbar, and then click Tile Windows Horizontally or Tile Windows Vertically.

Move a Window


Point to the window's title bar.


Drag the window to a new location, and then release the mouse button.


Use Buttons to Resize and Close a Window

All windows contain the same sizing and close buttons:

  • Maximize button . Click to make a window fill the entire screen.

  • Restore Down button . Click to reduce a maximized window.

  • Minimize button . Click to shrink a window to a taskbar button.

  • Close button . Click to close the window.


Use the Mouse to Resize a Window


If the window is maximized, click the Restore Down button.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Move the mouse over one of the borders of the window until the mouse pointer changes into a two-headed arrow.

The directions of the arrow-heads show you the directions in which you can resize the window.


Drag the window border until the window is the size you want.


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