Adding Video Effects

In the Video Effects folder in the Collection pane, Movie Maker offers a variety of video effects that you can add to a movie project, such as Ease In, Blur, and Film Age Old. A video effect is applied for the entire duration of a clip, picture, or title in a movie project. You can add multiple video effects to the same clip, as well as customize the order. If you no longer want to use a video effect, you can remove it.

Add a Video Effects


Click the Locations list arrow on the toolbar, and then click Video Effects.


Click the Show Storyboard button or Show Timeline button.


Drag the effect to the video effect cell of the clip in the storyboard or on the clip on the Video track in the timeline.


Change Order or Remove Video Effects


Right-click the clip with the effects you want to change, and then click Video Effects.


Click the displayed effect you want to move or remove.


To remove the effect, click Remove.


To move the effect, click Move Up or Move Down.


When you're done, click OK.


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