Creating a Movie Maker Project File

When you start Movie Maker, a new, untitled project opens. A project contains the arrangement and timing information of audio and video clips, video transitions, video effects, and titles you have added to the storyboard/timeline. You can view a project in one of two views: Storyboard view , which shows the order of your clips, and Timeline view , which shows the duration of each clip and the types of transitions between them as well as the sound track. To create a movie, you drag video and audio clips from your Collections area to the project file's storyboard or timeline and rearrange the clips in any order you want. After you preview your project using the monitor and are satisfied with the results, you save it as a movie file.

Create a Project


Click the Collections button on the toolbar.


Click the Collection folder that contains the clips you want to use in your project.


Click the Show Timeline button or Show Storyboard button.


Drag clips from the Collections area to the place in the storyboard or timeline where you want them.


To rearrange the order of clips, drag clips on the storyboard or timeline.


Did You Know?

You can delete a clip from the storyboard . If you drag the wrong clip to the storyboard, select it, and then press Delete. The clip remains in the Collections area and on your hard drive.

Preview a Project

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the Rewind Storyboard button or click Rewind Timeline button.

The buttons change depending on the view.


Click the Play Storyboard button or click the Play Timeline button.


Change the Preview Monitor Size


Click the video you want to preview.


Click the View menu, and then point to Preview Monitor Size.


Click Small (320x240) or Large (640x480).

TROUBLE ? This option is available when there is enough room to resize the monitor without resizing the storyboard/timeline.


Did You Know?

You can play the video using the entire screen . Click the View menu, and then click Full Screen.

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