Trimming Clips

Frequently, the clips you record or import into Movie Maker run longer than you want them to in your final movie. You can easily trim clips in Timeline view by playing the clip and setting the start trim point and end trim point . The portion between the trim points remains in your movie. The frames before and after the trim points are deleted from your movie, but the original clip in your collection is not affected and retains its original length. You can trim a clip as it plays, or you can pause and set the trim points. You can use the Start Trim Point and End Trim Point commands on the Clip menu or drag the timeline trim handles (small triangles at the beginning and end of a selected clip).

Crop a Clip


Click the Show Timeline button, if necessary.


Select the clip you want to crop.


Drag the Seek bar to the point where you want to start the clip.


Click the Clip menu, and then click Set Start Trim Point.

TIMESAVER Position the pointer on the left edge or right edge of the clip, and then drag the trim handles to crop the clip.


Drag the Seek bar to the point where you want to end the clip.


Click the Clip menu, and then click Set End Trim Point.


Did You Know?

You can restore a clip to its original length . Click Clip on the menu bar, and then click Clear Trim Points.

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