Selecting a News Server

A newsgroup is an electronic forum where people from around the world with a common interest can share ideas, ask and answer questions, and comment on and discuss any subject. You can find newsgroups on almost any topic. Before you can participate in a newsgroup, you must select a news server . A news server is a computer located on the Internet, which stores newsgroup messages, also called articles , on different topics. Each news server contains several newsgroups from which to choose. The Internet Connection Wizard walks you through the process of selecting a news server. This wizard also appears the first time you use Outlook Express News. To complete the wizard process, you might need an account name and password, and you need to choose a news server that you want to use.

Set up a News Server Using the Internet Connection Wizard


On the Outlook Express start page, click the Set up A Newsgroups Account link.


Type your name, and then click Next.


Read the information in each wizard dialog box, type the required information, and then click Next.


In the final wizard dialog box, click Finish.


Click Yes to download a list of newsgroups available on the news server.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

You can change the news server . Right-click the news server in the Folders list, click Properties, type a name in the News Account text box, and then click OK.

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