Copying and Moving an Object

After you create a drawing object, you can copy or move it. You can quickly move objects using the mouse, or if you want precise control over the object's new position, use PowerPoint's Format command to specify the location of the drawing object. You can also use the Nudge command to move drawing objects in tiny increments up, down, left, or right. You can copy a selected object or multiple objects to the Office Clipboard and then paste the objects in other parts of the presentation. When you copy multiple items, the Office Clipboard task pane appears and shows all of the items that you stored there. You can also copy an object to another location in a single movement by using the Ctrl key or by using the Duplicate command on the Edit menu.

Move a Drawing Object

graphics/one_icon.jpg Drag the object to a new location on the slide.

Make sure you aren't dragging a sizing handle or adjustment handle. If you are working with a freeform and you are in Edit Points mode, drag the interior of the object, not the border, or you will end up resizing or reshaping the object, not moving it.


Nudge a Drawing Object


Click the object you want to nudge.


Click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar.


Point to Nudge and then click Up, Down, Left, or Right.


Did You Know?

You can use the keyboard to nudge a drawing object . Click the object you want to nudge, and then press the Up, Down, Left or Right arrow key.

Move an Object with Precision


Select the object.


Click the Format menu, and then click AutoShape.


Click the Position tab to move the object and change settings as necessary.


Click OK.


Did You Know?

You can copy and move an object in one step . Hold down the Ctrl key, and then drag the object.

Copy Multiple Objects Using the Office Clipboard Task Pane


Select the multiple objects.


Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar.


Click an item in the Clipboard task pane to paste it on the slide.


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