Creating New and Consistent Slides


You need to arrange the objects on your slides in a visually meaningful way so that others can understand your presentation. PowerPoint's AutoLayout feature helps you arrange objects on your slide in a consistent manner. When you create a new slide, you can apply one of the AutoLayouts. You can also apply an AutoLayout to an existing slide at any time. When you change a slide's AutoLayout, you keep the existing information. PowerPoint applies the new AutoLayout, and you can arrange the placeholders the way you want them.

Insert a New Slide


Click the New Slide button on the Formatting toolbar.


In the Slide Layout task pane, click the Slide Layout you want to use.


Did You Know?

You can insert a new slide from the slide layout task pane . Point to the layout you want the slide to have, click the list arrow, and then click Insert New Slide.

Apply an AutoLayout to an Existing Slide


In Normal view, display the slide you want to change.


Click the Slide Layout button on the Formatting toolbar if displayed, or click the Other Task Panes list arrow and select the Slide Layout task pane.


Click the Slide Layout you want to use.


Enter Information in a Placeholder

  • For text placeholders, click the placeholder, and then type the text.

  • For other objects, click the placeholder, and then work with the accessory that PowerPoint starts.


Did You Know?

You can use placeholders to enter information efficiently . When you apply an AutoLayout to a slide, an arranged group of placeholders appears ”one placeholder for each object on the slide. The placeholders include instructions for entering object contents.

You can delete a slide quickly . In Outline or Slides pane or Slide Sorter view, select the slide you want to delete, and then press Delete.

AutoLayout Placeholders



Bulleted List

Displays a short list of related items

Clip Art

Inserts a picture from the Clip Organizer


Inserts a chart

Diagram or Organization Chart

Inserts an organizational chart


Inserts a table from Microsoft Word

Media Clip

Inserts a music, sound, or video clip


Inserts a picture from a file

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