Using Presenter View with Multiple Monitors

Using Presenter View with Multiple Monitors

If your computer is connected to two monitors, you can view a slide show on one monitor while you control it from another. This is useful when you want to control a slide show and run other programs that you don't want the audience to see. When you display your slide show on multiple monitors, you can present it using PowerPoint's Presenter Tools in the Presenter view, which allows presenters to have their own view not visible to the audience. In addition to including details about what bullet or slide is coming next , this view also enables you to see your speaker notes and lets you jump directly to any slide. You can only use Presenter view and run the presentation from one monitor.

Present a Slide Show On Two Monitors


Click the Slide Show menu, and then click Set Up Show.


Click the Display Slide Show On list arrow, and then click the name of the monitor on which you want to project the slide show.


Select the Show Presenter View check box.


Click OK.


Click the Slide Show button to start the slide show.


In Presenter view, use the navigation tools to deliver the presentation on multiple monitors.


If necessary, click the Close button to exit Presenter View.



Did You Know?

What you need to run on a second monitor ? To run a slide show on one monitor and view slides, notes, and the presentation outline on another, you must have dual-monitor hardware installed and be using Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 (or later) or Microsoft Windows XP.

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