Publishing a List

If you have a list of data in Excel, you can publish the list to a SharePoint server so others can view and edit the data. To use this feature, you must have a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site, which needs to be created by your system administrator. Excel uses the Publish List To SharePoint Site Wizard to step you through the process. As you publish the data list, you have the option to link the data list to SharePoint so that the data can be quickly updated, or synchronized, between Excel and the SharePoint server. During the process, the wizard tries to determine the data type for each column list and match it to one of the following SharePoint data types: Text (single lines), Text (multiple lines), Currency, Date, Number, and Hyperlink. If you use formulas in a list, the SharePoint server converts them to calculated values. After you publish the list, you can view the list from the SharePoint server.

Publish a Data List


Open the workbook with the list you want to publish, and then click a cell in the data list.


Click the Data menu, point to List, and then click Publish List.


Type the name of the SharePoint server.


To establish a link, select the Link To The New SharePoint List check box.


Type the name of the list.


Type a description about the list.


Click Next to continue.

graphics/eight_icon.jpg Verify the data types are correct, and then click Finish.

TROUBLE? If the data types are not correct, click Cancel, and then make changes.

An ID column is added to the list as the first column to make sure all the records are unique.



Work with a Published Data List on the SharePoint Server


Select a cell in a published data list on a worksheet.


Click the Data menu, and then point to List.


Click the command you want to perform.

  • View List On Server

  • Unlink List

  • Synchronize List

  • Discard Changes And Refresh

  • Hide Border Of Inactive Lists


See Also

See " Creating a List " on page 195 for information on creating and working with data lists.

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