Working with Shared Workspace

Using Shared Workspace icons allow you to connect to your SharePoint Server in a Office 2003 program: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Each icon displays different information on your document. Users can view the status of a document, see the availability of a document, display properties of a document, and list additional resources, folders, and access rights of a document. You can also show the current tasks which are assigned for your document, display the online team members of your group , and display the workspace information.

Use Shared Workspace in an Office 2003 Program


Log into your SharePoint server with your domain account and password.

graphics/tow_icon.jpg In a Office 2003 program (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), click on the Tools menu, and then click Shared Workspace.

If you open Shared Workspace for the first time you may be prompted to create a new workspace area.


Use the Shared Workspace Navigation bar tools.

  • Status . Displays the checked-in/checked-out status of your current document.

  • Members . Shows you who is online from your Team Members Group.

  • Tasks . Shows you the current tasks assigned for this current document and the completion status.

  • Documents . Displays the name and workspace of the selected document.

  • Links . Displays additional resources, folders, and lists the access of files.

  • Document Info . Displays the author of the document and the properties of the document.


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