Holding Web Discussions

Web discussions are threaded discussions which allows users to collaborate together in a Web environment. Users can add and view discussions items, add in documents during the discussion and carry on conversations. Since the discussions are entered into a different area from the shared document, users can modify the document without effecting the collaborative discussion. Users can add changes to read only documents and allow multiple users to create and edit discussion items simultaneously .

Hold a Web Discussion


Log into your SharePoint server with your domain account and password.


On the main home page, click Create Manage Content under the Actions Sidebar.


Click Create, and then click Discussion Boards.


Type the name of the Discussion Board, add an optional description, click Yes, if you want to add this to the menu bar, and then click Create.


Click New Discussion.


Type the subject name, and then add in all the appropriate information on your discussion.


Click the Save And Close button.



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Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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