Creating and Reading a Cell Comment

Creating and Reading a Cell Comment


Any cell on a worksheet can contain a comment ”information you might want to share with co-workers or include as a reminder to yourself without making it a part of the worksheet. (Think of a comment as a nonprinting sticky note attached to an individual cell.) A cell containing a comment displays a red triangle in the upper-right corner of the cell. By default, comments are hidden and are displayed only when the mouse pointer is held over a cell with a red triangle.

Add a Comment


Click the cell to which you want to add a comment.


Click the Insert menu, and then click Comment.


Type the comment in the comment box.


Click outside the comment box when you are finished, or press Esc twice to close the comment box.


Read a Comment


Position the mouse pointer over a cell with a red triangle to read its comment.

graphics/tow_icon.jpg Move the mouse pointer off the cell to hide the comment.

To show all the comments, click the View menu, and then click Comments. The Reviewing toolbar appears with the Show All Comments button selected.


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