Using Database Functions in a List


If you need to perform calculations in a list, you can use database functions in Excel. For example, you can use the function DAVERAGE or DSUM in a list to average or add the values in a column that match certain criteria. Each function uses three arguments (pieces of data) as shown in the following definition: =DSUM (database, field, criteria). Database is the range of cells in the list; field is the columns you want to use; and criteria is the range cells with the conditions. There are other database functions available, such as DCOUNT, DPRODUCT, DMAX, DMIN, and DSTDEV. Each function uses the same arguments.

Use the DSUM or DAVERAGE Function


Create a data range in which the left-most column contains a unique value in each row.


Click the cell you want to place the function.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Type the function you want.

=DSUM( database,field,criteria ) or =DAVERAGE( database,field,criteria )


Press Enter.


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Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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