Printing a Worksheet and Workbook


When you're ready to print your worksheet, you can choose several printing options. You can print all or part of any worksheet and control the appearance of many features, such as whether gridlines are displayed, whether column letters and row numbers are displayed, and whether to include print titles, which are the columns and rows that repeat on each page. You can print a copy of your worksheet quickly to review it by clicking the Print button on the Standard or Print Preview toolbar. You can also use the Print dialog box to specify several print options, such as choosing a new printer, selecting the number of pages in the worksheet you want printed, and specifying the number of copies.

Print All or Part of a Worksheet


Click the File menu, and then click Print.


If necessary, click the Name list arrow, and then click the printer you want to use.


Select whether you want to print the entire document or only the pages you specify.


Select whether you want to print the selected text or objects, the selected worksheets, or all the worksheets in the workbook with data.


Click the Number Of Copies up or down arrow to specify the number of copies you want.


Click OK.


Did You Know?

You can change printer properties . Click the File menu, click Print, and then click Properties to change general printer properties for paper size and orientation, graphics, and fonts.

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