Adding a Caption to a Field

A field caption is text displayed alongside a field to better describe its purpose and content. You can add a caption to a field, and later when you create forms and reports that use this field, Access automatically displays the caption you specify. Captions can contain up to 2,048 characters , including spaces. If you don't specify a caption, Access uses the field name as the field caption in any forms or reports you create.

Set the Caption Property


Display the table in Design view, and then click a field for which you want to set a caption.


Click the Caption box.


Type text you want to appear as the field's caption.


Did You Know?

You can set zero-length strings . Text and Memo data type fields allow you to control whether or not a user can leave a field blank. To ensure that some text is entered, set the Required property to Yes.

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Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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